Searching for companies and individuals who are shaping the future of
information and data technologies.

Iskraemeco & ElSewedy

We are present in 110 countries worldwide, imagine the options!

Reimagine the potential of communications

Data2050 is here. IskraEmeco and ElSewedy are looking for companies and talent that will help form the new era of information. We are a global company, present in 110+ countries worldwide, looking for companies and individuals who believe that the potential of communications in today’s world has not yet been utilised properly.

Searching for the brightest ideas in our sector

Do you have a company working on Point-to-point communication solutions, smart-grid solutions, IoT applications, smart home applications, e-mobility knowledge, security solutions? Perhaps you’ve been active in this field and are looking to join a company that is active in one of these segments?

Welcome to the new age of startup acceleration and incubation

The next stage in the evolution of incubators and accelerators is here. Data2050 is a corporate Incubator and accelerator, but it is so much more than that. We want to work with you and help incubate, develop, accelerate or directly invest in your company, idea or IP.

Apply your startup, idea or IP

Increase the chances of success for your business or idea or project.

Apply to Data2050.

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