The Problem

It’s a shame when startups fail due to a mistimed launch of a product with great potential. Regardless of how perfect your product idea is, the startup needs a response from the market to capitalize on it. For the market to respond effectively, the timing needs to be just right. If people aren’t ready for what you’ve got on offer, nothing else matters. You could be offering a quality product at a low price, but you could fail just like 13% of the startups without the right timing.
It’s not about the season or the time of the year, but about the broader current condition of the industry, culture, and target niche environment. If the market isn’t currently in a position to welcome something you’re offering, you might soon be disappointed.

The Resolve

Look at Facebook’s example. Imagine if it launched in 2015 instead of 2004, would the response be the same? Would it be nearly as successful, even if it started with all the latest features it has today? Of course not, the market’s already filled with social media platforms billions of people have established themselves in.
It was the first of its kind at the time it launched, offering something to the people that wasn’t ever seen before. Predecessors like Friendster had incited demand for a similar, more polished platform, but there wasn’t one available for use. That’s the market gap that Facebook filled, and people swarmed in, creating a prime example of perfect timing for startups.