The Problem

While businessmen enjoy freedom in their offices, without the pain of being bossed around, it doesn’t start that way. In the beginning of any startup, there’s a plethora of problems and challenges that an entrepreneur faces, which can only be solved by his consistent effort, hours of work, and unwavering focus.

Losing motivation and passion along the way has incredibly destructive ripples, which slowly breaks the company apart, bottom to top. Here are some of the effects it has;

• Failure to maintain unity and harmony in the team.
• A complete lack of motivation within the subordinates, stemming from the same attitude of the leadership.
• Inability to solve problems as they arise, blaming most of it on subordinates.
• Failure to adapt to the changing market dynamics, because the leadership isn’t motivated enough to keep their research up-to-date, and plan timely responses.

The Resolve

When it comes to the issue of passion, the first step should occur before starting the business itself. It includes deeply reflecting on whether or not the niche of the business is something you can remain interested in for a long time. This ensures that you direct your efforts towards a business you care about, not just for the monetary gain, but for its very nature.
With that said, it’s imperative to set realistic milestones and goals to make sure you and your team doesn’t lose heart. Celebrate successes, and deeply analyze your failures to find out what went wrong. Such a positive attitude within the leadership doesn’t just solve the problem of a lack of passion, but also inspires the team to do their best.