The Problem

New ideas sure can be exciting, but if the excitement is enough to make an entrepreneur skip the legal brainstorming it’s not less than gasoline – because eventually it as the potential of burning the business up.

There are quite a few dimensions to analyze the legal complications from and making sure all those matters are taken care of. There are 8% American startups that are chained because they don’t pay enough attention to their legal responsibilities. While we can’t discuss all of them as they differ business to business, we will mention the 8 most common ones faced by most:

  1. Inappropriate Legal Structure of a Startup
  2. Not Having a Founder’s Agreement
  3. Absence of Proper Licenses
  4. Ignoring Tax Laws
  5. Shares Sold Improperly
  6. Privacy Policy of the Business Website Defined Loosely
  7. Not Legalizing IP Assets (Intellectual Properties)
  8. Legal ChallengesNegligence of Employee Contracts

The Resolve

Legal challenges can be curbed in many ways. If you have an experienced lawyer within your circle of friends and families, nothing beats that. But in case that’s not an option, the next stop is hiring a freelance legal expert. There are many on freelancing sites who do this for a living and they are the most economical for the task.

If you want to take extra precaution and make sure everything is on point, then it’s good to meet a startup lawyer in their firm’s office and get the highest quality of plans from them.



8 Major Legal Risks Faced By Startups