The Problem

This reason is one of the most trivial of all. 8% startups fail annually because they do not create a social presence. After having to do with finance, the second element of a business is the “society”, it’s a social game. It’s almost common sense to know that the more socially present and active your business is the more it is going to be visible, and the more visibility a business has, the more it sells.

When we say getting your business to be more social, most people assume it’s about having a good contacts list, or an elegant visiting card. These are small pieces of the puzzle, but there are a lot more. With the internet, businesses today can benefit from two, an online and an offline network.


The Resolve

The simple solution to this simple problem is to go out in the crowd – both in the real world events and the World Wide Web. Here are a few quick pointers:

Online Networking:

    • Social Media
    • Webinar
    • Phone/Video
    • Blogs/Digital Publications
    • Email
    • Search
    • Online Advertisement
    • Digital Conferences


Offline Networking:

    • Networking Events
    • Speaking
    • Meetings
    • Print Publications
    • Email Marketing
    • Cold Calling
    • Print Advertisements


These are the main things that if you are ahead of, you can rest assured that your business will be a social rock star. All it takes is some easy planning and some easy actions. You can start today, one thing at a time!



7 Ways That Networking Can Take Your Startup to the Next Level