The Problem

Emotions – they are wherever we are. Even in business! There are 8% startups that fail because the entrepreneurs pushing them to the finish line are exhausted and burn themselves out. It’s a common human problem but like all problems, it does have a reason.

A burnout is experienced always when there’s a lack of drive in an entrepreneur. This usually happens when a businessperson decides to get in a market he has no interest in and his only goal is to see the green of money. It requires them to wake up every day and push a cause that they don’t believe in. It’s becoming the Sisyphus of the business world; it’s an endless upward push until you exhaust yourself completely.


The Resolve

There is a real power in connecting your passion with business. It gives you an endless supply of energy to bring in everyday and keep pushing until you want to. If you’ve not started a business yet, this is the time for you to do some brainstorming before you decide your market. If you have however taken the start, it’s better to redefine things than to crash.

Here are some questions you should take to your scribing pad, in order remodel or start the best possible business that won’t suck your blood:

    • What kind of a quest would make you feel inspired or give meaning to you?
    • What was an impact that you made on others in the past and felt wonderful about it?
    • Go in your memories, and find something that whenever you did, you were out of time and space. How can you connect this to solve the people’s problems?
These questions are plain black, but the answers will be golden



The Startup, The Burnout

The Great Power Of Connecting Passion With Purpose