The Problem

Customers are the only source of financial income for any business, so the entire startup universe revolves around them. Every successful business model plans out operations, moves, and strategies to please valuable clients. As long as your consumer base is happy with the value your product brings to them, your company will continue to make sales and profit.
No matter what, ignoring customers and their needs are the one thing a business cannot afford. Unfortunately, 14% of the startups fail at recognizing this one undeniable fact, due to which, failure is inevitable.

The Resolve

There’s a reason why successful businesses always listen and respond to customer feedback and complaints. There has to be a healthy channel of communication through which your buyers can let you know their thoughts about your product. The reassurance brings motivation to keep doing what you’re doing, and the critical ones give you the chance to improve substantially. It’s the purest form of quality control you could imagine, and it all comes for free!
Focusing on making the right product is the absolute best thing you can do for your startup, and it’s not possible without making the entire process customer-centered. You could keep rolling out more features and variants of your products, but if that isn’t what the buyer needs, it’s pointless.
Consistently pay attention to their thoughts, and keep adapting to their requirements. The minute you get distracted from what they look for, things start going downhill.